STAMP  Mission Statement:

STAMP is a peer led initiative working to reduce isolation, boost confidence, aid recovery and improve quality of life by exploring opportunities and finding answers and solutions together.

STAMP aims to do this by creating an environment within which we feel embraced and united through our experiences of the challenges, problems, crises and difficulties of life both directly and indirectly and the issues that they bring. By sharing our experience, knowledge, skills and expertise to the common good and are empowered by our involvement and by our investment in each other.

United Through Our Experiences

Join us on...

Tuesdays – 5pm to 8pm

For Dinner, Good Company,

Helpful Conversation & Mindfulness

Wednesdays – 1pm to 4pm

For Lunch, Indoor Games,

Good Company,& Mindfulness

Supporting Our Recovery Together

All sessions at


135 St Marys Street


A group organized and run by people like you for people like you who are united through their experiences of the challenges, problems, crises and difficulties of life

STAMP script:

Alone I am empty

         With STAMP I am fulfilled

Alone I am lost

         With STAMP I find the path

Alone I am lonely

         With STAMP I find friendship

Alone I am rejected

         With STAMP I am embraced

Alone I have questions

         With STAMP I find answers

Alone I am powerless

         With STAMP I’m empowered

Alone I am troubled

         With STAMP I find peace

STAMP minded:

Guided Mindfulness Meditation.

‘a calm oasis of respite for the mind, away from our polluted, chaotic and confusing lives. Helping replace our emotion-driven urges and our knee jerk reactions with calm, considered, positive responses, reducing anxiety, stress and frustration toward us making the right choices.’

At STAMP we believe in the unity of equals and the value of sharing knowledge, skills, expertise and wisdom to benefit all

The STAMP  model is based on a cycle with people seeking support, becoming involved, finding a sense of belonging and offering, what they feel able back into the STAMP  environment for the benefit of others.

On joining us at STAMP

we only ask that…

Share:  People of STAMP have dual involvement by both receiving from and giving to peers


Trust:  People of STAMP encourage each other into and throughout recovery.

Accept:  People of STAMP show respect; reflected through our attitude and behavior toward each other.

Manage: People of STAMP are actively involved in nurturing the STAMP environment

Progress:  People of STAMP positively promote our work and encourage others to join us.

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